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Why Download it?

BizApp is an internet base social media mobile application that focuses on advertisement through linking various individual users from local community to national and international level. It help to promote business and enhance costumer capacity, it also provide an easy way of having access to goods and services by linking people with product of their choice within their local community.

Our aim is to provide a reliable platform where sellers can promotes their goods or services to reach out target consumers within a short period of time.


Why Us?

A revolution in resolution. We are working day and night to give you the best and reliable platform for you to expand and grow your business.

  • As an Individual you can connect and have easy access to products or services of your choice
  • As an Entrepreneur you can connect and promote your business
  • Our services are free, free download, free registration and free promotion

BizApp is just a platform that can link people with products or services, how you conduct the transaction is between you and the person you are dealing with. Make sure your product is delivered before paying any penny including delivery fee because BizApp will not bear any loss.

BizApp is a property of BizApp Global Tech Nigerian Limited located at Suit LW-14 Last Floor, Amana Plaza, Zoo Road, Kano.
Email: [email protected]